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C O N N E C T & S T A Y

Welcome to C O N N E C T & S T A Y

CONNECT & STAY is the brand new hospitality experience you will be able to enjoy from april 2022 in Almere, next to Amsterdam. Get connected and stay in our hotel during the World Horticultural Exhibition FLORIADE 2022 or thereafter. Attend our special program, discover the latest innovations or relax on our rooftop terrace. Our healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner will make your stay the ultimate once- in-a- decade experience.

Reservations are possible from september 2022 or by sending an e-mail.


C O N N E C T & S T A Y

A brand new hotel and short stay concept developed to connect innovation, sustainability and new hospitality to the hotel and tourism sector. Hospitality and all sorts of accomodation and restaurants experience huge changes due to changing customer demands, societal and climate related challenges, new technologies as well as such unexpected health issues as COVID19. All these developments have enormous influence on the hospitality, travel and tourism sector. C O N N E C T & S T A Y offers a comfortable, healthy hotel and short stay environment where personal contact with our guests becomes the core of our hospitality.

C O N N E C T & S T A Y offers very nice hotel rooms and shortstay studios. A rooftopterrace, a restaurant and a co-working office space are part of our concept.

During the FLORIADE 2022 we exclusively operate the hotel while after october 2022 we offer hotelrooms and shortstay accomodation in conjunction with a restaurant and coworking spaces.

As we believe that there is a need for modern education for future hospitality professionals we operate C O N N E C T & S T A Y as a hotelschool where young people learn running a hotel by running a hotel. This unique approach is a collaboration between the ROC of Amsterdam and Flevoland, the House of Hospitality and C O N N E C T & S T A Y.


As we engage with innovators in the field of circular economy, biobased materials, green energy, water, fair fabrics, technology and smart timber construction on the one hand and creative minds in the field of modern hospitality, healthy food, green tourism, bright events and innovative hotels on the other, we always look for interesting new products and services.

We offer a special event program during the FLORIADE 2022 and art & cultural events, innovation meetups and conferences thereafter.

Therefore we invite you to connect with us to see if we can collaborate or create opportunities for all.

We are also interested in partnerships for a longer period of time for our educational programs.

Be welcome!

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